Forget the snow and bring on Spring

It is definitely the beginning of spring.

Today it is in the sixties and tomorrow it is supposed to snow.

They guarantee the snow should only be a dusting, but it is still snow. There are those die-hard skiers who can’t wait to get more snow. They would be skiing all summer if someone was able to keep the snow around that long. I wonder if they would also be spending time in the lodge with the fireplace, if they had the snow. The fireplace was the only thing I really liked about going skiing with my kids. I wasn’t one who wanted to be out on the slopes all day. Some of that had to do with the fact that I was old enough to know what pain was. I am a klutz and I know that I would be falling more than skiing and I could break an ankle, a leg, or something else. I would sit inside and enjoy the fireplace and a glass of wine, while they were enjoying themselves. My daughters were marvelous skiers. We went skiing in the winter, but I saw that there were still some skiers out on the slopes, when we drove by the lodge. There was one brave girl who was skiing in her bikini. I’m sure she headed in to the lodge and sat next to the fireplace. It may have been fifty, but it was still too cold to have on a bikini. I should be closing the fireplace in my house and not setting a fire so I can keep warm while it is snowing.



Gas fireplace