Fortunately the HVAC expert helped out a lot

So being a landlord is my new job. I’ve recently retired from the commercial Heating plus A/C of a corporate office. Well, I took a retirement offer when the corporation chose to merge. It was just too fantastic an offer to pass up. But I’m still in my late 50’s plus I want to keep busy. So buying, renovating plus then renting small properties is what I’ve gotten into. In a way, owning plus then renting properties was something I consistently kind of had a passion for, so once I was actually finished with that commercial Heating plus A/C of the office, I looked into it. I took some classes in order to learn the legalities plus details about being a landlord. I also liked the fact that I can actually do work from my own property inside my own central air conditioner equipment most of the time. I’ve consistently loved all sorts of different projects plus so has my wifey. We’ve done a huge amount to the odd properties that we have owned plus enjoyed it truly much. So she has right there in it with me with the new rental properties. But we are still experiencing a powerful learning curve. While I can do most things when it comes to different sorts of projects, I leave the electrical, plumbing plus residential Heating plus A/C up to the professionals! On our first property, we signed the tenant prior to having the renovations complete, and the last thing that we had to do was to update the heating plus cooling equipment. We hit a snag with just a month left to go. The HVAC duct inside the property essentially was worthless plus had to be updated however that would take too much time plus run us over budget. Happily, we have an awesome Heating plus A/C expert who was able to come up with an immediate solution. That solution was ductless heat pumps.

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