Fresh air – sleep outside some days

I know that my friends and family think that I am a total weirdo.

I can hear it in their voices every time we speak on the phone or see each other in person.

This is one of the big reasons why I avoid them like the plague. I actually will go out of my way not to see human beings for as long as possible. I find that they make me very uncomfortable with their strange questions and inherent to judgments about my lifestyle. Plus, my lifestyle inherently offers me the opportunity to avoid mankind. You see, I enjoy being outside as much as possible. I do not enjoy the stale, artificial air that can be found throughout indoor spaces. Instead, I camp a lot. I am a big fan of filling my lungs with beautiful, fresh outdoor air whenever I get the opportunity. This often requires that I plan ahead to manage my own internal temperature because I have no way to manage the outdoor air temperature. I don’t mind living with unpredictable air temperatures or climate changes. But I do absolutely feel claustrophobic when I spend any amount of time surrounded by expensive HVAC treated air. This is why my friends and family give me the most grief about my temperature and climate preferences. Several times when I have been visiting them the HVAC has been so disturbing to me that I have relocated to a more comfortable place… Why are they so weirded out by me sleeping outside under the stars and enjoying the fresh air?
a/c representative