Fridays are the day I choose to stay home

I always stay home from work on Fridays. Most people don’t take a day off in the middle of the week, but my boss has no problem with me taking off Friday and working Saturday instead. I enjoy having Friday off, because I can get my chores completed before the weekend. Everyone is at the grocery store and the pharmacy on the weekends. I easily avoid the lines and the crowds by handling all of my business on Fridays. Saturday at work is never as busy as Friday. I usually have one or two HVAC repair calls on the schedule. People don’t like their weekends to be filled up with chores. After all, that is the exact reason why I stay home on Fridays. Most customers try to schedule tune-ups and repairs Monday through Friday. Last Saturday work was much busier than usual. I took a call from a customer that was upset about the air conditioner and her home. The ductless system was installed by our company less than six months ago. The woman claimed that there was no cold air coming out of the machine. I scheduled her for an appointment first thing in the morning after I finished with a routine tune up. It was an easy to fix problem after I realized the situation was electrical. I had the parts on my truck to make the repair and it didn’t take more than an hour to complete. The customer was pleased with the service and tried to give me a cash tip in addition to the payment for the air conditioner repair.

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