Funny Smell Coming from the air conditioner Air Vents

Not long ago, I found myself having to call the heating and cooling dealer.

I woke up 1 morning, and there was the strangest smell in the house. I truly couldn’t tell what the smell was. It kind of smelled appreciate something burning, but then it also kind of smelled appreciate pee. I thought maybe the pet had an accident in the house, so I was walking around all over the locale smelling the carpet; When the a/c kicked in, I was sitting near the a/c air vent, and that’s when I noticed it seemed to be coming from the a/c vents. It was the worst smell, and after I got a whiff of the a/c air, I thought it kind of smelled appreciate garbage. I was clueless, really. I felt a little deranged calling the a/c dealer, but the woman who answered the phone said it is not unregular to hear this complaint at all. We set up an Heating and A/C service call for the next day, and I took some time off labor to meet the a/c guys. The first thing they did was check all the electrical connections in the temperature control and the whole Heating and A/C system. They were all fine, however I was blissful they checked because I didn’t want to have a fire. Then, they said it was best to look at the HVAC duct. In our house, the HVAC duct is under the house, so the bad women crawled under there! Sure enough, they came back out and told myself and others they suspected the different smell was truly the result of an pet in the HVAC duct. They saw evidence of pets under the lake house and to them it looked appreciate critters had been messing around with the HVAC duct under there. When I asked them what to do about it, they gave myself and others a couple of options.


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