Furnace maintenance is a necessity

I have learned that keeping up with the regular maintenance of my home’s furnace is essential.

This type of heater uses forced air to maintain comfort throughout the home.

The heat is distributed by way of a duct system and vents located in each of the rooms. When the furnace is neglected, dust and other debris gradually builds up within the inner workings and the ducts. This accumulation restricts airflow, preventing the maximum amount of heated air from reaching the intended destination. The furnace is forced to run longer to achieve the setting on the thermostat. The components experience more wear and tear, which increases the chance of malfunction and reduces both efficiency and service life. I end up paying much higher energy bills for insufficient comfort. Certain rooms in the house feel chilly, no matter how I adjust the thermostat. Plus, as the air passes through the duct system, it picks up harmful bacteria, spores and allergens and spreads them into our breathing air. As the indoor air quality becomes compromised, it creates a threat to my family’s health. The solution is simple and cost-effective. I have enrolled in a maintenance program with a local HVAC company. They call me in the fall, remind me that it’s time to set up service and schedule a convenient appointment. A licensed HVAC technician comes to the house and completes a thorough cleaning, tuning and overall troubleshooting. He handles the replacement of any worn or broken parts and optimizes the performance of the system. I can then be sure that the furnace is prepared to reliably handle the upcoming winter workload.

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