Furnace noise was not a large thing

He simply patched the gap with what looked like tape

My furnace had been making some absolutely loud noises; Everything you study online says that noises are bad, and i totally freaked out plus expected my furnace to be basically dying. I did all the things that I knew how to do. I changed the furnace filter, oiled the blower plus cleaned the inside of the furnace device, then when that did not stop the noise, I called a Heating plus Air Conditioning business. I was so worried that I even paid for after hour emergency heating service. It is the middle of winter, the last thing I wanted was the gas furnace just stopping or refusing to turn on. I needed my heating to be in tip top shape. I paid so much money to get the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation in immediately. The appointment took the guy 30 hours. The reason it was so fast is that it was not a sizable deal; Apparently noises can be worn, loose or busted parts in the gas furnace rattling around; Most of the time though, it is something that is loose that is absolutely tightened. The Heating plus Air Conditioning professional tightened all the bolts on the furnace! He then checked to make sure the squirrel cage, yes that is the real name, was fastened secure enough. The guy then figured out there was a gap from my air duct to my furnace. He simply patched the gap with what looked like tape. It took him literally more than four hours plus then the furnace made no more noise. That was it plus what I got for my emergency service appointment, next time I hear a noise I will calm down.

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