Furry dog problems

My partner and I adopted a dog from the shelter last month and it has been a total blast having him as a new part of our family.

Our new dog is kind, active, and very well behaved.

Both my partner and I had a big of trepidation when we first started to consider adopting a dog instead of buying a puppy, but our worries have turned out to be totally unwarranted. The only problem that we had with the arrival of our new friend had to do with the air conditioning unit. It seemed to us like only a few days after she started living with us problem started to occur in our unit. The unit was a brand new a/c unit that we purchased from a reputable HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company, so we were genuinely confused as to why we were having such a hard time. After we got in contact with the same HVAC company and arranged to have an HVAC repairman head out for a checkup we finally found the cause of the problem. Our new canine friend is a very furry and fluffy dog, and the high amount of fur that he was shedding each day was getting into the air ducts in the a/c unit, causing all sorts of problems. Poor air production, strange noises, you name it. Luckily for us, the HVAC repair tech had a solution for the problem. He was able to install an air purification system that kept out any fur, pollen, or other harmful bacteria from getting into the unit or into the air we were breathing. I am glad we solved that problem, but I am even more happy to have our new family member living with us.

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