General contractor helps us complete plumbing project

My wife and I desperately wanted to remodel our bathroom and add a garden tub.

The bathroom was always very small and crowded and we only had a small sink and a stall shower.

I thought the garden tub was a great idea but I knew the project was far too large for the two of us to tackle on our own. I talked to some of my friends and co-workers and I found out that we could hire a general contractor to help us complete the project. My wife and I started searching for general contractors and we found a lot of different people. We didn’t have any trouble finding thousands of people on the internet, but we decided to use a local company that my wife found on Facebook. They had more than a hundred different reviews from other local residents and everyone had nice things to say. My wife and I got some estimates from four different general contractors and we chose the local person. Not only did they provide us with a reasonable quote, but they guaranteed that the plumbing project would be completed on time and within the budget. My wife and I started construction on the new bathroom a few weeks later. The entire project was scheduled to take 14 days but the construction crew finished in 10. We were very happy with the end results. The general contractor even built a small vanity in the wall that looks perfect in that space. It has shelves and hooks that are recessed into the wall. The new remodel made our bathroom twice as big with so many more features.

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