General contractor helps us make ADA upgrades

My mom fell and broke her hip a couple of months ago and she was in the hospital for several weeks. The doctor recommended that she does not live alone anymore, so my husband and I decided to move my mom to our home. We had to make some changes before my mom could come to the house, because she was going to be using a walker and wheelchair for several months. My husband and I find the name of a general contractor that specializes in ADA upgrades. My husband and I called the general contractor and he came to our home to inspect the area. He told us that we needed to change the width of a few house doorways and the front entrance, and we needed to add a ramp to the outdoor area. He also suggested that we change a few things in the kitchen. My husband and I were hoping to hire him to make all of the ADA upgrades, but he told us that we needed to call a different contractor. Luckily, he gave us the name of several local contractors that could help us make the changes. My husband and I had all of the renovations completed before my mom was done in the hospital. My mom definitely protested when we suggested that she moved with us, but she seems very happy with the new accommodations in our home. The contractor added custom shelves for all of my Mom’s things, and the guy built a bird feeder next to the window by her room. The grandkids also love seeing Mom every day and I think it really helps the healing process to smile a lot. I’m glad she is here with us.


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