Geothermal energy and how it works

The other day, I was in total shock when I looked out the window. I had just put our outdated window AC device out on the curb for trash pickup, and these 2 guys were entirely fighting over the window AC unit. I absolutely didn’t guess it was such a nice device to entirely fight over, however these guys were entirely fist fighting. I called our wifey over to look out the window and she was just as shocked as I was. She entirely asked me if I thought the two of us should call the police. I said there was no way the police would arrive on time anyway. I said to our wifey that the other window AC device the two of us had was pretty outdated as well. I thought I could go out there and provide them the other window A/C device and perhaps they would stop fighting and both be glad that they both got an A/C. So I brought out the other outdated A/C and told them to please quit fighting. I said I had this other A/C I was throwing out and both A/Cs were laboring, I just did not need them any longer. They happily quit fighting and they both went on their ways both with an A/C in hand. I absolutely thought it was crazy that those guys were fighting over that cooling machine, however it was sort of amusing. When I talked to our friend across the street, she said she captured the fight on camera and was going to post it on YouTube.

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