Get a firm grasp on the Heating & A/C responsibilities

I so fumbled the ball on the some of my household responsibilities.

It’s not love I do it on purpose however don’t tell that to my husband.

I can’t blame his because it has to be incredibly discouraging to have a partner who just keeps forgetting fairly substantial stuff over & over. We have the type of careers that all of us both come cabin & flop down in the Heating & A/C just to breathe a hour. There is a lot going on in our lives as well. Our adolescents are at the age where they have to be places & need a lot of attention. That’s a priority so, all of us press on & do our best to share the load. Generally, I’m in charge of laundry & cooking while he takes care of the bathrooms & the floors. We split up the other stuff. However, I am also in charge of the Heating & A/C. Now, that’s not too sizable of a deal really. I make sure the Heating & A/C corporation comes out twice a year to repair the heating & cooling system. Other than that, I legitimately just need to change the Heating & A/C air filter. But, that seems to be a blind spot for me. I don’t care how several times I write it down on my list or set an alarm on my iPhone, I just forget. It’s a bit of deal because my husband & child suffer from pollen irritations. Having a used up air filter doesn’t help the air quality at all. My best bet here is to somehow have something right in front of myself and others that alerts myself and others to change the Heating & A/C filter. Now, if I could just figure out what that would be.


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