Get your a/c system ready

Today I am also practicing getting out of my mind.

Some people say “are you out of your mind?” like it is an awful thing.

But I feel a lot more relaxed when I am not stuck in my mind and am focused on what is around me. So yes, I am out of my mind and I am trying to be every afternoon. Are you losing your mind? Yes, I am trying to lose my mind all of the time in fact. I just want to quiet the mind and not listen to its inner dialogue whenever possible. My central HEPA filter neighbor told me that being trapped in your own thoughts and having to listen to your mind is a sure way to go mad. So I am busy working on shutting down the thinking brain and just being. When I am working on a commercial heating and cooling system all afternoon it is nice to put on some tunes and go out of my mind while doing the boiler or a/c repair. I’ve also been doing the same task for a long time and if I keep thinking about how awful it is after that I will surely learn to dislike the work. But doing the real duct cleaning or heat pump service is mindless when you are not trapped in your mind and it can become almost like meditation. I will keep practicing the art of losing my mind and one afternoon maybe I will master it and be mindless from then on. Then, like my HEPA filter rep, I can also be at peace while doing whatever I’m actually doing.

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