Getting A/C unit moved

My husband as well as I bought our first home about a year as well as a half ago.

One of the main perks of our home is that it is equipped with central A/C, however, our A/C unit is located in the backyard right next to our patio.

The location of the A/C unit may not bother some people, however it has bothered us since we moved in. Our A/C unit is very loud as well as when we rest outside to eat dinner on the patio all we hear is a buzzing noise. Occasionally we also want to open our sliding doors in the back to get a little fresh air while the A/C is on. The buzzing noise does get frustrating in those cases. What we usually end up doing is using the app on our cellphone to access our smart control unit. With the app,we turn off the A/C unit briefly just to get a split from the loud, frustrating sound. My husband recently redid our entire backyard as well as it is easily lovely, minus the eye soar of the A/C unit. Because we live in a neighborhood that has a Homeowners Association, my husband had to write a letter explaining why he wants to get the A/C unit moved. He explained that he wants to move it to the side of the house, so we will not hear the buzz of the A/C unit while we are enjoying the backyard. Every one of us are hoping the Homeowners Association approves us moving the A/C unit. If they do approve it, it will cost us about $1,000 to move the A/C unit.
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