Getting an additional heater

My son was obsessed with having a bird as a pet not too long ago. I obliged his request by getting him two birds for his room to take care of, I was assured they’d both be males. I believed the pet clerk until I found out one was pregnant. I got confirmation when I took them to the vet not too long after I suspected. One male and one female. I had no choice to to neuter the male so this wouldn’t keep happening. When the female finally laid her eggs, I remembered the vet telling me I needed to keep them warm. I knew my son wouldn’t give them the proper heat, so I took over this job. After doing some research, I decided to buy a small gas furnace to disperse the right amount of heat to the cage. The small gas furnace worked great, and mom and dad bird were happy too. It took some time for the eggs to finally hatch, which I was perfectly fine with. I wasn’t fond of having the birds I got from the pet store, now I have to have more! The birds were definitely responding very well to the hot hair from the gas furnace. As much as I hated to admit it, caring for the eggs allowed me to develop a soft spot for all the birds in the cage. They were part of the family now. When the baby birds hatched, we were so happy! We knew it was due to our tender, love, care, and my high utility bill from keeping the gas furnace on for weeks at a time.

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