Getting back to my roots thanks to new HVAC method

When I moved to the north with the husband that I had just married, I entirely thought it would be temporary.

  • In a way it was temporary however just not the way I thought it would be.

Being from the south, I wasn’t too keen on spending Wintertide after Wintertide inside the HVAC heating provided by a gas oil furnace. I grew up in a region where Wintertide was a welcome season and not one to be dreaded. Sure, the heat pump might come on a bit here and there to knock out the chill in the house. But by and large, Wintertide was not any sort of exhausting situation at all. That all changed when I moved north with my husband as he started his work. I was right about the winters and hating the fact that I couldn’t go barefoot inside the house. Shoot, I couldn’t go without sweatpants and a hoodie in the Wintertide even with the HVAC heating pumping. Thankfully, both of us moved not to long thereafter however it wasn’t to the south where I wanted to embrace the heat pump once again. We ended up more toward the middle of the country and that’s where both of us raised our family and are now going to retire. I care about it here and have more or less gotten over that I won’t be going home to the south to live it appears. But I do get to go back to my roots in one way. Thanks to the radiant floor heating from our geo heat pump, I get to go barefoot all Wintertide just the way I did when I was however a girl.

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