Getting HamBurgers Tonight at the Restaurant

My friend Max opened a local company which sells hamburgers plus all sorts of other tasty foods.

I never see Max anymore as she told me she works 7 days a week from open to close.

I assume sorry for Max that she has to work so often, however I guess this is what she has to do to make it in this world. Max has a wifey plus a little baby at home plus is the only person toiling so she has to put in extra time now to make ends meet. I want to support her local company plus also like her freezing a/c as they just got a more current HVAC system installed in their restaurant last week. Max’s friends are coming in tonight from the states plus I want to treat them to a fantastic burger plus a freezing cold beer later once they are settled in. I need to go to the local heating plus cooling contractor this week to buy a filter for our system however I don’t suppose if they will have it in stock the odd size needed to fit our unit. I guess I could buy a single that is close to our size plus a custom made fit however I don’t suppose if it is going to be possible as they are made of thin metal plus won’t be simple to trim to fit mine. I guess I could just look online for HEPA air filters plus get the exact size as mine so I don’t have to do any retrofitting. I’ll take a look around the HVAC company here first.


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