Getting in shape after a baby

I have constantly been in enjoyable physical shape.

From the time I was 14 years old, I began working out. I started out just running for a few miles each day. I then picked up athletic activitys and diversifying our work out, then well I just recently had a baby. I worked out as long as I could in the pregnancy. There came to be a point where I was way too big. I could hardly tie our shoes anymore. Sitting up and moving around wasn’t easy. I had to take a cut from working out. It literally killed me and I hated to receive all the baby weight. Now that I have had our child, I am just fat now. I can’t rest all the extra weight around our middle. I suppose so terrible about myself. I also am totally out of shape and don’t genuinely think how to get back in the game. I have thought about taking a semi-private fitness class at the local health center in town. I am thinking about finding other new moms and getting them to sign up with me. The personal trainer could then cater the class to us new moms that want to get rid of the baby weight. I can’t instantly jump on a treadmill and get going. I can’t just start lifting a bunch of weights. I am also dealing with lack of sleep and awful nutrition now that I have a newborn. I am hoping the personal trainer would take this into consideration. I already think more than one other moms in the area near me.
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