Getting music lessons

When I was about six years old, my dad started taking me over to my uncle’s house every Wednesday afternoon to learn how to play an instrument. I loved these visits, as my uncle had cheap instruments laying around everywhere which he wouldn’t mind getting some heavy use. While I enjoyed playing the guitar and showed some promise with the piano, my true passion was the drums! Of course, the drum kit was kept in the basement to reduce the loudness of the drum kit. This also meant being in the basement, where there was no airflow from the HVAC system that warmed and cooled the rest of the house. While my uncle would be upstairs playing the piano in the cool air conditioned living room, I’d be down in the hot, humid basement with zero air circulation, pouring sweat all over his drum kit while I tried to learn my rudiments. It was awful in the summer, and the only relief I got from this terrible air quality came over the winter. Then, it was the opposite – very cold, but still humid! All I had to do to combat the cold was play the drums, and I would naturally warm myself up after about ten minutes of playing. After two years, I wound up developing a ton of skill with playing the drums, and I managed to seal my place in the band in both middle and high school. When I could start practicing my drumming in the cool air conditioned band room at school, I truly had it made!

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