Getting my house an extra cleaning

My wife plus I were so happy that my parents were coming.

It was the first time they traveled to my house which was located almost two states away.

My father was scared to get on an airplane, but he finally conquered that fear to see me. My wife plus I wanted everything to be just right, so we got a cleaning crew to give the place a nice spit and shine. My wife called a few different places for an estimate. We found out that it was going to cost a lot more money than what we were expecting. Luckily, I saved money by scheduling the cleaning service on the day of the week when they are least busy. The whole service appointment took about 3 hours. My wife plus I were absolutely happy with the cleaning service. The supplier sent two people to tackle the job! One lady cleaned all of the windows and the floors… Another lady started to clean inside the refrigerator. They even moved the fridge and the stove so they could sweep and mop between and behind those appliances. They cleaned the bathrooms plus even made the grout look absolutely clean again. By the time the cleaning service was finished with our home, my wife plus I understood why it was so pricey. They cleaned every corner plus edge to make our house look brand new. It was worth every penny. My parents were so comfortable in the house and I was glad it looked good for them.



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