Getting some work done on the house

My wife and I are both home from work right now and it is the perfect time to work on home projects. We already repainted the fence and pressure washed the deck. We also remove all of the tree debris, leaves, and dead branches from the front and backyard. We decided to clean the garage and that was a major project. It took three days to get rid of the old boxes, hardware, tools, and dirt. Once we removed all of the junk, we had a lot of excess space in the area. We had plenty of room for an outdoor bar with stools and a television. Unfortunately, we can’t really use the space for entertaining because we don’t have any air conditioning inside of the garage. Luckily, a friend of mine works on air conditioner installation jobs. The company hasn’t been very busy, so they have been offering lower rates on all new installation jobs. My wife and I agreed to purchase a mini-split HVAC unit for the garage and the company is going to install the unit at 50% off the original fees. I’m also getting a mini air purifier for the bedroom. I’m really excited to see the project completed. My wife and I never use this space for anything except trash. With heat and A/C, I know we will have more living space. I think my brother and his wife are going to be especially jealous. They wanted to make some changes to the garage, but we beat them to it. I think this might light a fire for my brother to start working on a project of his own.



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