Getting the HVAC checked

For a long while, I’ve never particularly thought too much about settling down. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to identify the types of qualities that I want in a husband. I’ve realized that one of my main priorities is for my husband and I to agree on most things. While they say opposites attract, I think it is important for us to agree on the big issues. One thing that I will not budge on is that I prefer to keep a clean home with excellent air quality. My husband needs to feel the same way when it comes to HVAC plan repair. I want our HVAC unit to be running at maximum capacity so that I know I am saving money on the utility bills… That air filter regularly needs to be changed in a timely fashion, again for energy savings! If he can’t agree with me on those types of things, then I don’t think we would make a good couple. We would probably spend half of our marriage fighting! Even though I am still a long ways away from getting married, I’m starting to pay closer attention to the men that I date. I want to make sure that I am getting closer to the right kind of man for me. I actually don’t want somebody who is lazy and doesn’t want to do anything. I want somebody who is particularly active and does his even-handed share when it comes to the responsibilities of running a household and taking care of a family. We’ll actually start out with a few pets, and then see where life takes us from there.

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