Getting to know my future in-laws

My future hubby plus I grew up in odd states so we had to make an effort to get to know each other’s families prior to the birthday… Once we announced our engagement we planned several holiday weekends to visit each other’s homes! It is about a four-hour ride to his parents apartment so we always left early in the afternoon to get there in time for supper, then he grew up where family meal time is very important so I wanted to make a good impression on my future mother-in-law.

I’m not much of a cook myself so I took luck of spending time in the living room with her preparing the meals when I could.

The only downfall to that was the fact that they do not have air conditioning in their apartment plus it was the middle of Summer so it made cooking very uncomfortable, and she had worked that way all of her life so she didn’t seem to notice plus I tried to keep a positive attitude throughout the whole ordeal… My fiance would joke with me on the way cabin each time because he said he could tell by the look on my face I wasn’t really glad spending time in the living room. I told him he was welcome to join us plus spend time with his mom as well but he declined plus said he would rather hang out with his dad in the backyard. I told him that he was fortunate because at least he could take luck of a breeze outside plus not be stuck in a boiling humid living room. I also told him that if he expected me to make family meals everyday I better have a temperature-controlled environment to do it in.

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