Getting with the HVAC chores

So I’ve never been all that good when it comes to getting my chores done. Now at work, that’s not the case. Inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I’m on top of my game. There is nothing I leave uncompleted or ignored. That was the same way I was when I was a kid. When it came to my studies, I was so all over it. But my room was a dumpster fire. My parents were always all over me about cleaning my room and doing the household chores that were my responsibility. They were pretty patient with me as I look back now in retrospect. It’s particularly clear now that like my parents, I too am a homeowner. Having my own place has really sort of changed my perspective on a number of things. For one, the buck stops with me these days. If there is a problem with the heating and cooling or the fridge isn’t working right, I can’t just call the rental office any longer. Instead, solving household problems are up to me and me alone. That means, I had to get real about identifying and putting together a plan to take care of my own chores. When it comes to the heating and cooling, I’ve set alarms across my devices in order to remind me to change the HVAC air filter. This is something that simply has to be done. There is no oops, I forgot when it comes to the HVAC air filter. A clogged and dirty air filter is restricting the air flow that is the lifeblood of any heating and cooling equipment.

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