Glad I don’t have to bake anymore

There is a local fresh market that makes the most delicious cake balls and pops that I have ever tasted. When I went off sugar, I didn’t know I would ever get to eat those kinds of foods again. I knew I couldn’t have sugar, lots of dairy, and multiple other items that went into my favorite desserts. I found out that not only did they make their desserts fresh every day, however they were sugar free, and they subscribed to a meal delivery service. I thought that since they could make the desserts, I may also make them, but after that I remembered I was not motivated to research sugar free options. I hated baking because it was a lot of work. I couldn’t see myself going through all that work when it was just me in the house. When I looked for the good food store online, I couldn’t believe that they delivered. I called to see if they would give just the healthy desserts without me ordering other foods. The person took all of our information about where I was living. She told me they delivered to our address, but unfortunately I had to spend at least twenty bucks. I continued to look for more things to buy so I could get up to twenty and get free meal delivery. I found 4 healthy desserts, and I also obtained a prepared meal of sugar free pie. I called my sibling and invited her over for a dessert night. I knew she has used meal delivery services before, but I’m sure she hasn’t had any of their desserts.

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