Glad we can at least update the HVAC

My wife and I just became official homeowners, and we have not been able to wrap our heads around it since doing so. We don’t have any kids at the moment, and we both work steady full time jobs, so we were able to save up a lot of money in a pretty short amount of time. Our new house is a modern model, so it is really open with a lot of space. I wake up some mornings still expecting to be in our old apartment, but I am in a big house instead! Everything was going great for the first stretch of our residency, but that changed after a few weeks. It wasn’t long before we had to face the fact that our HVAC equipment just wasn’t keeping up with our needs. We should have known this would happen since our equipment was similar to what we had in our tiny apartment. A bigger space usually means bigger and more powerful appliance, but I guess we weren’t thinking straight when we talked about HVAC supplies. Now that we just put a down payment on our house, we don’t have too much money left to just run out and buy some more HVAC supplies. We can barely buy food, let alone upgrade our HVAC equipment. It’s a little ironic when I think about it, buying a whole new house for comfort and not being able to keep it comfortable. Our only conclusion was to really buckle down and save some money over the next few months so we can fix the problem properly. I don’t think it’ll be too bad while we save up. At least we get to do it in our new house.

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