Glad we have good a/c

Working with special needs children was probably 1 of the best tasks I have ever had.  I worked with these children almost fifteen years earlier in life. I wasn’t a educator or a therapist, although I was the lone driver of the bus that took them to school every day.  The children l worked with eventually could know how to tell time because I was constantly there at the same time every single day. They knew that I would be the 1 there to talk to them the whole way plus sing with them on the way to school.  For 1 young man, I actually was the first lady he ever talked to. He sang with the teenagers plus hugged myself and others 1 day. His mother was crying plus I thought it was wrong of myself to have gone and hug him back. She told myself and others he had never touched another lady before other than herself plus her partner.  The day I had to quit the task, she also told myself and others he loved me and cried. It was the first emotion he had shown other than anger or dire elation. These same teenagers knew that when they got on the bus, there always would be perfect heating or cooling system. If I hadn’t already turned on the cooling system they would sing out to myself and others to please turn on the AC.  They communicated with myself and others through song most of the time. It wasn’t until 1 parent asked myself and others what I did that had her oldest child singing. She didn’t even talk to them… I told him that both of us sang together about everything, even the heating plus cooling system. It honestly was something both of us all shared, plus it made all of us cheerful.

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