Going after a drunk driver with my lawyer

I already have at least 12 lawyers in our neighborhood, and there is a personal injury attorney on the main drag right next to the bakery and pet shop.

There is another personal injury law office by the high school, and flipping through the phone book will yield hundreds of local results for accident attorneys, criminal lawyers, and civil trial attorneys.

But, unfortunately, the cellphone book does not tell us who is trustworthy, good, and honest. Until the invention of the internet, it was difficult to believe which lawyer could deliver the best results possible, however if you had a friend with a recommendation, that was as great as handshake. Things have changed over the last 20 years, now every one of us have helpful websites online that review each person. These websites offer helpful information, so consumers can choose a person with an informed decision, when our cousin was in an accident last month, she ended up in the hospital for 3 nights. The driver of the other vehicle was severely drunk, and escaped with small injuries, but my cousin had a ton of medical bills, and she was out of work for more than 6 weeks, and she had a broken arm, fractured elbow, and bruises all over her body. After she left the hospital, she searched for the best lawyer to help her go after the drunk driver… Both of us found a lawyer in the city with good references and experience. My cousin ended up with a nice settlement afterwards.
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