Going down the right path for a change

People tend to say the way you keep things is sort of a reflection of your life.

If you are unhealthy and messy, you’re probably not the most successful type of person. At work, I tend to keep my desk all cluttered up and people tend to give me a hard time about it. This one guy said that if I have such a messy desk, he couldn’t imagine what my situation at home must be like. This was really embarrassing for me because I knew he was right. My household really was a mess and I failed to keep up with important things like my HVAC system maintenance. The air quality was terrible, and my health was poor because I was always having to go see the doctor. It seemed that people at work were not even surprised when I would call off work so often. Well, eventually I decided I needed to make a positive change and I started at home. I got everything nice and clean in my home, and I actually called the HVAC company to help get my HVAC system up to speed. The HVAC worker recommended a nice air purifier, so I went for it! I figured it would be good for my health to have improved air quality in my home. Naturally as I was doing better at home, I was cleaning up things at my workplace as well. Soon, I had everything organized and people easily took notice. I was more involved with the group, and I would speak up at meetings at work. Eventually I got promoted to a superior job position! It’s amazing how little changes in life can send you down the right path.


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