Going to do a Cleanse Pretty Soon to Reboot my Body

I’ve gone 10 afternoons before separate from food to wash my idea out and it entirely made a difference.

I just drank lemon water with some maple syrup for calories for multiple afternoons to flush my idea out of all of the toxins and whatnot.

I lost about 18 pounds in those 10 afternoons and felt a lot more energy and clarity than I had felt for years. I think the body can get overloaded with chemicals and get dragged down to where you have truly little energy to make it through the day. This local supplier near myself and others does these fasting reboots every month with a group that meets weekly to motivate each other. My Heating and Air Conditioning supplier owner friend did it a couple times and lost a ton of weight and looks and feels so much better now. I’ve only done 1 of these cleanses so far but I think I am going to do another 1 soon with that group. Some afternoons I have so little energy to labor at the heating and cooling corp that I want to call in and tell them I can’t make it, but I need the money so I have to push myself to go in anyways and labor for the day. I think doing this cleanse will help myself and others recapture that energy and get back to my aged energetic and lively self once again. I’ll ask the Heating and Air Conditioning pro friend of mine if he wants to join myself and others in the cleanse soon. I think he will do it again as he seemed to entirely like it.

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