Going to Read a Book at the End of the World

I’m about a 15 hour bike ride to the end of the world.

The Beach of the Dead is at the end there and I am going to bring a book called Green Lights and learn it in my beach chair.

The beach is nothing but rocks and stones and you need sandals to walk on it as they can be quite painful to walk on. I’ll wait till the sunlight dips down a bit and isn’t so intense, unquestionably around 4:30pm, and bring a little picnic tote with myself and others in case I get hungry. The HVAC corporation is closed this week for repairs! There was some kind of leak in the roof, so I have a slow day this week with a few chores at condo and then my ride to the beach. I have a new electric heating method that was installed Last year because mine was not repairable. Summer is winding down and our days of endless volleyball on the beach will be ending soon too. I had a fun summer time and ran my A/C a lot as it was a genuinely hot season but that is going to end pretty soon. Wintertide will be rolling around again and the days will get short and dark genuinely early. It’s a unusual kind of life here in the Wintertide as the streets thin out and nobody is at the beaches anymore. I’ll keep taking my cold water dips and come condo and heat myself up with a hot bath and my radiant space heater. I like Wintertide time and am all ready for it!


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