Going to the gym isn’t enjoyable right now

With COVID-19 still being a concern, I am struggling to find a place to work out.

I rent a small house in the city with very little yard available.

The inside of the rental is not overly spacious either. I only chose the location because of its close proximity to bars, shops, restaurants and my job. The fitness center where I am a member is only a 5 minute bike ride away. I normally ride my bike there back. Due to the virus, the gym is no longer convenient. It’s necessary to take a ton of precautions. My gym expects me to wear a face mask at all times. They no longer allow showers in the locker room and I only use the gym at particular times. I do not like being restricted on timing. Working out while wearing a mask is downright horrible. I have given up on my gym membership. Working out at home is quite a challenge. I don’t have sufficient space to accomplish much of anything. I also am uncertain what exercises to do. Without any fitness gear, there is nothing I know how to do. I finally bought myself a jump rope. I do that nearly every day. Now and then, I go for bike rides or take a run through town. If I decide to stay home because of weather or motivation, I end up stretching and crunching. I worry that I am not getting effective workouts. I don’t have the motivation or skill set to figure out a strenuous work out for 60 minutes with nothing around me. I am hoping the virus situation improves and I can get back to my gym and normal workout.

Yoga classes