Going to the land of the light

It just doesn’t get any better than living in the South. My good fortune started by being born plus raised a Southerner. However, as I was growing up, I entirely took being in the South for granted. I think I figured every place had great weather plus sunshine the year round. Then I found out different. Once I graduated from university, I took a job in a area of the north where the weather was anything but fair. Suddenly, I was made to endure a Wintertide that I had once thought unimaginable. I was stunned plus spent that first Wintertide doing nothing but huddling inside next to the Heating plus A/C vent. And it never got any easier. I thought that after a few years I would be able to actemperature to some degree. But, that never happened. This is why I am overjoyed to being moving back to whence I came. I will cheerfully sweat through the summer time separate from much complaint. I can’t wait to see that sweet heat pump once again. The Heating plus A/C heat pump is the king when it comes to heating plus cooling in our homeland. It does a tremendous job of cooling in a region known for crazy heat 4 months out of the year. Then it can heat any home with ease while every one of us were in the winter. Our winters are entirely mild compared to what I encountered up north. With a mere flip of the switch, the heat pump is able to produce enough heat for any home down here. I can go the rest of our life separate from ever seeing another furnace or another northern winter.


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