Going with lots of HVAC technology

And I have to say that this was such a great idea

I’m not the greatest when it comes to technology. Frankly, if it wasn’t for my wife and kids, I’d be a slobbering idiot just trying to operate my phone. That might have something to do with my hesitation when it comes to adding more technology to my life. I just don’t like all the learning curves that come with the latest tech device. But I have to say that our decision to go all in on HVAC technology was the right one. We knew that we were getting close to our old HVAC unit being worn out. It was put in when we bought the house from the previous owner. So, we didn’t exactly have any choice in the quality or function of that HVAC unit. The old HVAC equipment was decent. It was built pretty well and did the heating and cooling to an adequate degree. Of course, that was helped out greatly by the HVAC company. We always made sure that the old HVAC unit got the seasonal HVAC maintenance that it needed. And that kept it running great for twenty years. But when the HVAC technician informed us that we needed to get ready to replace the HVAC, I was actually a bit excited. Plus, I went along with going all in on the latest in HVAC technology. And I have to say that this was such a great idea. The smart thermostat along with the zone controlled HVAC are simply amazing to me. Not only that but there was a stark minimum of learning curve when it came to getting accustomed to the new HVAC equipment.

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