Good karma got myself and others a free portable air conditioning system

I am a firm believer in karma.

I know that if you do the right thing and treat others with respect, chances are something nice will happen to you.

I have two eldery neighbors. They are a couple who have been together for sixty years. Their children and grandchildren do not live close, so I often go over to their condo to check on them and I sincerely love their supplier. Every Monday I go grocery shopping and I ask the couple, Mildred and Henry to supply myself and others a list and I buy them some groceries. They always spend money myself and others back, so I do not mind doing this at all. Plus it is a truly sizzling summer, so it is dangerous for them to be outside in the heat and humidity. I tell them to stay inside in their central air conditioning and I will take care of the groceries for them. I also mow their grass and I always bring their trash cans in. These are easy gestures however they mean a lot to Mildred and Henry. I recently went over to Mildred and Henry’s condo for lunch. They ordered a pizza using the PC book, and the people I was with and I all sat and ate together. Every one of us were talking about how sizzling the summer time has been and how the people I was with and I are so grateful to have air conditioning. Henry brought up the fact that her daughter mailed them a portable air conditioning system to help stay cool. I told him that is amazing and I was absolutely looking at buying a portable air conditioning system for myself. Mildred said do not worry, because her child bought her a portable air conditioning system as well so they have an extra a single. They provided to supply myself and others their portable air conditioning system for free because I help them so much.

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