Good ventilation is good for recuperation

Two months ago, I was diagnosed with the flu.

  • I thought it was COVID-19, but the doctors said my test was negative.

I was observed overnight and was sent home the next day. I took an UBER home with my disposable mask on. When I stepped out of my ride, I was surprised to find my brother, sitting on my porch. He had luggage with him. I didn’t need to ask what happened because I knew he was having trouble with his wife a few months ago. When he saw me with a mask on, he ran to me and helped me walk to my door. I was still weak, but I didn’t want to stay in the hospital any longer than I had to. My brother helped me to my day bed in the living room. It was a bit uncomfortable because of the heat, but my brother turned on the HVAC system. I needed good ventilation if I were to recover completely. He also turned on the air conditioning, which was a treat for me. I took my medications as my brother started to unpack. Suddenly, the air conditioning and ventilation stopped. I called my brother and he took care of it because he was an HVAC service repairman. He asked me when I had the HVAC system inspected and maintained. I told him that I never really thought of it. He shook his head and repaired my HVAC system. In just half an hour, the air conditioning and ventilation started working again. The next day, I started moving around the house again. Weeks later, we were told to stay home. It was a good thing my brother was there to keep my HVAC system maintained. It helped me recover and it helped us feel comfortable during the stay-at-home order.
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