Got in a car accident with an HVAC specialist

Well, it looks like another mistake; It looks like someone got into a little fender bender with an HVAC specialist, so the HVAC truck pulled out in front of me while I was driving! Before I could react, I heard a loud crunch & felt my car lurch forward; Yes, the person if you can’t tell already was me who got into the car accident with the HVAC specialist, but thankfully, I was able to stumble out of my car.

The HVAC tech apologized & he seemed nervous.

The disfigurement was pretty extensive to his automobile over mine. I saw a bunch of air filters fly out of his truck. I told him I’m wonderful & said look at all the disfigurement it did to your automobile & all the air filters everywhere. Then for some bizarre reason, this HVAC tech started giving me lessons about the air filters, he was harping on how changing the air filters respectfully can boost HVAC efficiency. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to distract me from the accident, enjoyed filters, or had some brain disfigurement. The only thing I felt was funny about it is that I needed HVAC work done to my house… A few weeks later went by & feel who showed up? The HVAC tech ran into my car. I was a bit concerned to let him in but I did anyway. I needed the work done & he once again apologized for everything. At the end of his visit to service my HVAC system, he provided me his employee discount which was nice. I’m still agitated about the car accident, but I know he is still agitated about it.

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