Great team building

Because the building automation system is cloud-based and wireless, I can monitor every building with my smartphone no matter where I happen to be at the time. I not only check on the HVAC system and on the lighting, but I am able to adjust the HVAC and lower the temperature. I can turn off lights and even check the door locks. I recently realized that I can also check the night receipts from ever cash register. With this ability, I don’t have to rely on the manager to give me input on what to order. My inventory is always up to date and we don’t run out of inventory. The workings of my stores have become more streamlined and I am saving money on regular operations of the stores and even on energy costs. I also have the ability to monitor our security cameras. If someone is in the building after hours, I can check the security cameras and see who it is. I have had times when a manager has stayed after hours or gone back to the buildings and I simply ignore the alerts. There have been times when an intruder was trying to gain purchase into a building and I was able to call the police and have them arrested before they could do any damage.


building management system