Ground nesting bees aren’t usually aggressive

When I was little, one of the scariest things I ever experienced was tons of bees coming out of the ground.

I was about eight-years-old and playing tag in our backyard.

I stepped in what felt like sand and my foot sunk into the ground. All of these bees suddenly rose out of the ground and surrounded me. I was so scared that I raced around the yard to get away. I finally rushed inside the house. The backyard was overrun with angry bees flying around. My mother looked up the number for a bee removal service to take care of the problem. We had no clue how to handle bees that have nested in the ground. My mom was afraid to go out and spray them. I remember the bee removal team arrived all decked out in netted head covers and full-body gear. At first I thought they were carrying guns. In reality, they were armed with a spray that soothes the bees. They needed to dig up some of the yard in order to access the bees and their nest. They said that ground nesting bees are not usually aggressive. The bee removal team wanted to know about relocating the bees rather than kill them. They wanted to move them to a honey farm that would then harvest their honey. My mother and I were happy with the idea of the bees being moved to a good home. We got the contact information for the honey farm and ordered honey from them online. It was cool to think the honey might have been produced by our bees.

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