Guy who housesat did not tell me the heater quit

I had a guy come to my northern house once a week while I was vacationing over the winter down south.

  • The guy was supposed to come in, water my plants, flush toilets and check the heater system.

I paid him really well to do something that would take him maybe 10 minutes. The guy did a terrible job. I got nothing from him the entire time I was on vacation. I heard nothing about the plants, plumbing or the house in general. When I came back I realized that he was not very good at what I hired him to do. He watered my plants, but doused them way too much. All my plants died due to the excessive watering. The toilets in the house definitely did not get flushed. The water stained the bowls and I had to do heavy duty cleaning. The worst was that my heater device was set to low heating mode the entire time I was gone. The heater was off when I came back. The guy did not turn it off, the heater just up and quit. The house got down to freezing temperatures. The kitchen piping was frozen solid and it took multiple space heaters to unfreeze them. I also got to come home and immediately try and fix the furnace. I could not fix it and did not know when it stopped. So I had to get a HVAC contractor in for emergency service. Why did my guy not warn me that heater quit or the house was freezing cold?

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