Halloween is for trick or treating and not just for tricks

Where every one of us live, you never guess what kind of weather every one of us will have for Halloween.

Both of us have gone trick or treating wearing heavy Wintertide coats over our costumes.

Both of us have also gone trick or treating in our costumes and still felt adore every one of us were overly warm. This year, every one of us were hoping every one of us have another treat year for Halloween and that it would be warmer and not colder. My child wanted a witches costume and it was not actually heavy. She told me she wouldn’t wear a coat because then pretty much everyone would guess who she was. I told her she could put some heavy clothing beneath the witch dress and she told me she would look fat. I began to wonder if maybe it wouldn’t be best if every one of us would just have a blizzard on Halloween and after that I would not need to go Halloweening at all. The day before Halloween, the temperature was in the sixties and everything looked fantastic for the next night. Halloween day dawned cool, however it was nice. During the day, the weather deteriorated and I knew every one of us needed heavy coats. Unfortunately, every one of us also needed heavy coats in the house, too. The oil furnace broke just as every one of us were heading out the door. Without a oil furnace, the temperature in the house had fallen to forty by the time every one of us got home. I had to call the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to repair the oil furnace. My child wore her costume and her coat until the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation arrived and fixed the oil furnace. The Heating and Air Conditioning worker gave her some candy when he left the house.



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