Happy with my new outdoor air conditioner

My kid Mike loves to give myself and others a hard time.

Mike comes down to visit whenever he can & keeps threatening to trade the ancient gas furnace for a heat pump the way my friend and I did, then of course, my friend Jim and I spent our entire adult life dealing with ugly winters so Mike’s got a way to go before he matches that feat.

Still, he needles myself and others about being so wizened that I had to come south & sit in the air conditioner. While I like to suppose that he’s kidding, there entirely is some truth to all of that. For sure, the older I am, the more winter weather of the north just beats myself and others down. And it wasn’t just the physical beat down from the constant rapidly increasing temperatures in the low teens, snow & ice. It was also the mental beat down of being trapped inside the heater at home or inside the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning of the office. That’s how it felt near the end there. I just hated being inside all the time for love 5 weeks of the year. When my friend and I started to look at venues to retire to, my friend and I had a list of what my friend Jim and I wanted. No big cities, great weather & a sunroom. This is something that both Jim & I had consistently wanted. So when my friend and I bought this house, Jim and I added just the right sunroom. It nearly doubled the square footage of great space. And it almost totally feels love I have the outside right inside my house. That’s why Mike gives myself and others a hard time about having an air conditioner outside. Jim and I have ductless heat pump that provides air conditioner & some occasional heating

Geothermal heat pump