Have to go to the cell iPhone store

I went to the local cell iPhone store the other day because my cell iPhone was not entirely working properly.

I have another back-up cell iPhone, but, this unique cell iPhone was needed most because it had the control app for my smart thermostat on it.

Without this cell iPhone I would not be able to control my home’s smart thermostat from the app. And the whole point of having the smart thermostat was so I do not have to handle the thermostat by hand. So getting this cell iPhone fixed did cost a few extra bucks. But it was nothing extreme thankfully. Otherwise, I would have had to call a local heating plus A/C company for them to send out a certified heating plus A/C specialist to install the app on another cell iPhone, plus I would not have been happy about that because the heating plus air conditioning component repair call in itself would be close to one hundred dollars. And this iPhone store is only charging myself and others 50 dollars to fox the concerns going on with the iPhone. So they fixed it plus I was able to operate my smart thermostat once more from the cell iPhone app. I prefer smart thermostats, however I just wish I had got the app reinstalled on my ipad or something. With that, I may not be able to control the smart thermostat from any place in the world, however I would be able to at least control the smart thermostat remotely from another room at home. I could also program it. Cause all smart thermostats are programmable ones plus that they make energy use savings happen pretty nicely.



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