Having a nice life with weather conditions control

The more I get into this music thing the more I get sucked down this rabbit hole which never looks like it will have a bottom.

  • There is also so much to learn with music that you could spend your whole life, like some artists do, plus still not learn everything there is to know about the craft.

I didn’t get into it till, well I guess when I was drumming seven years ago, plus I haven’t even made a dent in my expertise of the skill. But starting music in my late 40s may still supply me a shot, and heating plus cooling equipment repairs are absolutely bland compared to the feeling of playing music plus singing in a band. There are only two of us in the band right now; however, my friend and I may get joined by a third in a couple of months when my heating in addition to A/C tech keyboardist moves in with me here overseas. I am still waiting for confirmation that he is going to move here however it is looking like it is going to happen. Then my friend and I need to get a bass player plus my friend and I are all set. That would make four heating reps plus techs in our band plus I feel my friend and I would have a complete sound then. Four seems to be the absolute magical number for a band, so my friend and I need to add two more plus then I can do some nice stuff. Playing by a warm fireplace in the winter season up in the mountains for a bunch of fun skiers sounds like a legitimately cool plan, let’s see if my friend and I can achieve it.


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