Having t-shirts with printed designs and multiple colors

My company sponsors a baseball team, and our coworkers and myself all do this.  Both of us try to celebration once or twice a month to practice. Both of us spend most of the time talking, grilling hot dogs and drinking beer.  It’s a wonderful time, and the people I was with and I have a lot of good times. Once the baseball season starts, the people I was with and I play games against a whole slew of other local companies.  We’re not all that intense and the people I was with and I always get our butts kicked at all of our games. This past few months, the people I was with and I decided to get a bit more intense, and hopefully end our season with a better record.  Both of us each took on new job to help the team. The woman from the mailroom volunteered to get us more sponsorship, so we’d have cash for equipment. A woman from accounting worked hard to get us some donated machine from a nearby sporting goods store.  Both of us worked out added practice time and found a field the people I was with and I could use. My job was to take care of uniforms. For a business baseball league, the uniforms are nothing more than printed T-shirts. I looked around, looking for the best deal on printed shirts.  Since I’d designed a sign with numerous colors, the price of the screen and printing the individual shirts was a bit more.

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