He couldn’t turn down a deal – car with no HVAC

It turns out that the members of my family are even bigger pack rats than I am. Honestly, I always felt like I was overly sentimental and a bit of a sucker when it came to belongings. I will hang on to things that have absolutely no value to anyone else because they have some kind of emotion attached to them. I recently learned, everyone feels the same way in my family unit. We don’t know how to turn down a good deal and we get emotionally involved with inanimate objects. This is exactly why my Uncle Joe collected an entire junkyard on his property. Some of the vehicles that he hung onto have no feasible purpose. For instance, the old truck that is sitting out back which has no thermostat, fan system, or Indoor air temperature control. You might think that the heating and cooling system broke down after years of usage and he couldn’t get rid of the vehicle despite the uncomfortable indoor air temperature problem. But you would be wrong. It turns out, he bought the truck with no indoor air temperature modification in the beginning. He saw the truck on the side of the road for a good price and couldn’t pass up the purchase even though the owner honestly told him that the air conditioning unit and heating system did not work. There was no air flow through the vents whatsoever. However, my uncle could not turn down a “good deal” for the life of him. He never drove the truck because the air temperature control system was too much of a problem. Instead, he just hung on to the burning hot car because he was proud of his thrifty find.

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