He Forgot to Replace the Air Filter

My fiance has constantly claimed to be forgetful.

When the two of us first started dating, I really thought he was just making excuses for things that he didn’t want to do, but he would constantly forget to call people or forget to schedule appointments and I thought it was his way of making myself and others do it for him.

It was absolutely really irritating and I considered ending things with him before I realized that he was absolutely forgetting a lot of these things. I introduced the power of lists and note keeping to him and it absolutely seemed to help him, however years later, he’s still writing notes and making lists and they’re scattered all around the house. Although he’s improved his memory and he doesn’t forget nearly as much these afternoons, he does have moments of forgetfulness… For example, last weekend he said that he was going to upgrade the air filter because it was time for a current one. I saw him disaffix the old air filter and the two of us talked about how gross it was as he tossed it in the trash can. I assumed that he had found a current air filter and upgraded it, however I realized later that week that he never absolutely did it. I noticed that our air quality wasn’t as enjoyable as it normally was because there were particles floating in the air. When I made a comment about trying a strange brand of air filter to my fiance, I saw the panic in his face instantaneously, but right then and there, the two of us both realized that he’d forgotten to put a current air filter in. He quickly went to the garage and found a current air filter to install before he forgot again.

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