He was safe from radon

Did you ever meet one of those people that you are going to dislike no matter what you do?  My neighbor is one of those people. She has the absolute perfect body, and a smile that stops you cold in your tracks.  I have always wanted a ‘55 T-bird 2 seater, and she bought one last week. My new home looks dumpy and tiny, next to her multi-million dollar mansion.  It doesn’t seem like there is anything in my life that can compare to hers. If I could find just one thing that is even comparable to her, I would find a little bit of comfort, but it hasn’t happened yet.  The only thing that I have more of than she, is radon. Even though we are only a couple hundred yards from each other, I have radon in my soil and she doesn’t. I know that radon is a byproduct of decomposing uranium in the soil.  I was just hoping that when they told me I had radon in my home, they would tell Liz the same thing. I should have known it wouldn’t work out that way. Liz would never have something as harmful and distasteful as radon in her home.  I know it is silly of me to be jealous that I have a potentially poisonous gas in my home, and Liz doesn’t. If she did, then it would be one thing about her that wasn’t perfect. She gets to sit back in her perfect home, with her perfect life, while I have to go out and find a company to do the radon mitigation for me.  This is just the kind of luck I should be used to.

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