Heading home for summer

Last summer, I came home from college to visit my folks. I was very much looking forward to going back home. I really can’t stand the college dorm room life. Everything there is just so cramped, and not to mention, I do not like my roommate in the slightest! My roommate is an oddball. But that is ok. What was not ok about him being an oddball is that he did not like to have any heating or cooling in the room. He believed heating and cooling systems were toxic and poisoned the air. I thought this was the most psychotic thing I ever heard in my life! So, as a result, I had to suffer with no heating in the winter time months, and no air conditioning when it got hot out. Going home will be a breath of fresh air! My parents have wonderful heating and air conditioning. Especially their air conditioning system. Which is what they will be using the whole time I am there! I can set the thermostat exactly as I want it, they will not mind. They know all about my heating and air conditioning troubles I had been having at that school. My parents said that if I want, I can freeze it out so cold as the arctic tundra if I wanted to! I thought that was so awesome of them! The fact that they have heating and air conditioning zone control of course is the only reason they are letting me do that. This is a real big relief to me, and it makes me very happy to be able to do this soon!

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