Heading to my sisters in the summer

My sister’s home office never looked better

With the Summer season being really close, it’s time for myself and others to go to visit my sister once again, and I always make it a point to visit my sister this time of year because we are both college professors, and we have the entire Summer off working our nine to five. This is the perfect time for us to catch up, have some fun and spend some high quality family time with each other, however when I arrived at my sister’s beach house this year, I was shocked to see that she had this really great looking fireplace in her apartment! I asked her how on earth she got a fireplace installed that quick within a year’s time. She told me that it was an electric fireplace, and that it wasn’t a real one. I couldn’t know it! This fireplace looked like the real thing! It added a large amount of very appealing feelings to the atmosphere too, and my sister mentioned that her fiance was the one who insisted on getting the electric fireplace put into their house. It came in handy this past Wintertime when it was super chilly to lower the use of the heater. I thought that was a really smart idea. Saving cash on their energy bills while putting something in that looked really nice. My sister’s home office never looked better. This fireplace really added to the whole essence of the locale. To be totally honest, seeing this fireplace at my sister’s offered myself and others the program to want to get an electric fireplace for my own beach beach house next Wintertime. They are not too far priced, and no one would ever suppose it’s a fake fireplace without looking too close at it!



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